Helpful Resources

Educating yourself properly on Cancer is the first step to overcoming fear of it.


Take a look at these links to good authorities on Cancer, find out how you can help others and understand more about the disease.


The UK’s leading Charity for the Funding and Research of Cancer. Their site is packed full of testimonies, news on research and charity events that you can take part in.


science-museum-logoLondon’s Science Museum is a great place to learn, but their website also has a great fact file on Cancer, providing answers to the questions about the disease that people ask the most.




The NHS is the National authority on Cancer and the symptoms that it produces. For practical advice on the next steps or when you should see a GP, go to this site.




Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the best known National charities in the UK that helps people with cancer gain understanding of their disease, in addition to simply listening to them. Their advice on how to help others through the disease is particularly good.



The World Health Organisation works tirelessly to collate statistics on Cancer and other diseases so that they can make recommendations to the governments of the world. To get an idea of how Cancer affects the rest of the World, take a look at their Fact Sheet here.

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