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The 3-Course Cancer Network is an independent information hub that aims to improve knowledge on Cancer.

Looking for help with Cancer?

If you have Cancer, or know someone who does, it can be difficult to deal with the emotions that come with the disease.


Talking to an outside source can be crucial in providing you with the knowledge you need. Take a look at the ‘Helpful Resources‘ page to find someone who can listen to you.

Have you ever wondered how Cancer works?

Knowing how the disease works is the first step to conquering it.


Although it’s one of the most common killers in the UK, responsible for over 350,000 deaths a year, many people are not aware how the disease works. This site contains clearly explained information regarding what cancer is and how it works.

What’s happening in Cancer Research right now?

There are thousands of scientists and researchers exploring the ins and outs of Cancer right now.


Read up on new developments here and get to grips with the good work that people are doing all over the world. You might not find the exact answers you’re looking for but there might still be hope for others.

If you feel like you still need some more information – head to the Helpful Resources page for other sources.

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